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New battery

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Currently Building a R53 Track Mini, Ive had the battery tray removed and now fitting a new Oddessey Battery, my question is can I just fit the two Positive leads to the new battery without the old connector with the fuse ? (hope that makes sense) I can add pics if need to.  

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There's a fusable link on the +ve terminal connected to the srs/airbag system which can be removed.  Yes, you can chop off the old connectors and crimp suitable ring terminals onto both the wires, just be sure to use an appropriate high pressure crimper. 
The junction box has a fuse in it which you have a choice removing or re-purposing, I  replaced it with a smaller box that uses the same fuse.   The fuse is on the wire that runs through the cabin to effectively disconnect the battery if the wire should be damaged and shorted to chassis.  I figured that was worth keeping.

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