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Tow cars

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I’ve been considering opting out of the company car scheme when the tax year ends in April as much as I love my M140i. 

But for what it costs it’s not really a perk any more plus having something with a tow bar could be useful for trailering the track cars to track days. 

So my question is what do you tow with? What weight would I need to be at safe levels?

can anyone recommend anywhere for doing the trailer test?


what trailer do you use?

In an ideal world I think I’d prefer an estate or saloon car to an SUV but open to ideas

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Theres a bunch of weights you'll need to be aware of.  The towing cars gross weight.  The trailers gross weight.  The cars gross train weight.  The cars towing nose weight.

1. Gross Weight.
My Jaguar XF has a curb weight of 1820kg and a gross weight of 2285kg.  2285-1820 = 465kg for driver, passsengers, full tank of fuel and cargo.

2. Gross Train/Combined Weight.
The XF doesn't list a Gross Train Weight, but does list a towing capacity of 1850kg (a lot less for an unbraked trailer).  Together with the cars gross weight gives a gross train weight of 4135kg.

3. Trailer Gross Weight.
A Brian James A-Max 120-2200 has a weight of 530kg and a maximum loaded capacity of 2000kg.  2000-530= 1470kg carrying capacity (or with the XF towing capacity 1850-530= 1320kg).

4. Nose weight.
The XF towbar has a nose weight of 75kg, so the weight on the trailer (legally) has to be balanced to put no more than 75kg load onto the tow bar.



At a quick glance, a 330d  looks to have a towing capacity of 1800 kg, similar to my XF despite being a smaller car.  A 530d has capacity for 2000kg.

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