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Racing type Battery

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Well the battery in my R53 has gone and died,

Given that its slowing edging more and more towards track spec I had a chat with a battery manufacturer out here to see what was new.


They looked at the original specs then advised that this would be a good option -




Lithium Ion battery with 500CCA and weight of 4lbs.


Anyone used or using anything similar? I'm awfully tempted to get one and give it a go :)



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I'm using a Braille G20 LI which seems similar to that. When charged, starter motor seems at least as strong as with OEM battery, but it will go dead in about a month unused.


Braille warns about not letting it go below a certain voltage or it may become unchargable. Haven't had that happen to me despite letting it go dead many times. But it adds a little anxiety to each time I put the charger on it! A battery cut-off switch should alleviate the problem - on my to do list.

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I thought I'd post an update to my post above....my Braille battery failed spectacularly with melted casing.  This is due to the fact that these batteries (all LI auto application batteries it seems) just cannot handle the deep cycling of a draw down to a low voltage then a full charge.  Spoke with Braille and they don't offer any improved tech as of today, but Antigravity certainly does with their 're-start' feature, so that is what I'm trying next (ATX 20 RS @ 4lbs).

Check it out as it seems to be a really good solution, plus much more affordable than the Braille product.




Happy spring all (driving season!)

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