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knd_engineering Spherical Bearing (mono ball) Rear Trailing Arm Bushes

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Designed for R50 - R59 variant MINI hatchbacks with alloy rear trailing arms (commonly referred to as R56 trailing arms), these upgrade bushes replace the OEM rubber in your arm-to-chassis mounts.


Featuring; housings CNC machined to exact tolerances from heat threated 6000 series billet aluminium with an anodised finish for corrosion resistance and stunning visual appearance, premium Teflon lined oversized spherical bearings, and CNC machined stainless steel alignment spacers.


The use of spherical bearings allow for full, free joint articulation without the binding and flex associated with rubber and polyurethane bushes - helping to eliminate unwanted toe changes during cornering, accelerating and breaking. By keeping toe in check, stability is increased and handling becomes more predictable.


£225 per pair including UK postage.


These can be supplies pre-installed into refurbished OEM brackets at extra cost.


Please feel free to message for further details and for overseas delivery.


- - -


Please be aware; as with any spherical bearing/rose jointed component, there may be increased levels of noise and vibration transmitted into the cabin when using them in place of rubber bushes. These are designed as a performance product for track and competition use (where regulations permit).


- - -


This product fits in place of the rubber bush in the rear trailing arm brackets found as standard equipment on the following MINI vehicle models -


R53 GP

R56 (inc LCI)

R55 Clubman (inc LCI)

R57 Cabrio (inc LCI)

R58 Coupe

R59 Roadster


The "R56 trailing arm conversion" for R50, R52 and R53 (non GP) models is a modification commonplace among the ever-growing community of MINI enthusiast. If you have already undertaken this modification, or are in the process of doing so, these bushes will fit your vehicle with the alloy arms installed.


Left hand bracket OEM part number - 33306799089

Right hand bracket OEM part number - 33306799090


Left hand alloy trailing arm OEM part number - 33326795659

Right hand alloy trailing arm OEM part number - 33326795660


Thank you,




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