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How to: fit neoprene boots over rod ends

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She was all like "Oh my God, that's never going to fit in there."


I was like "It totally will, I promise, it'll be fine."


She was all like "Just look at it! It's bigger than the hole. It's NOT going in without tearing something."


Admittedly it was a little tricky at first...


I made the mistake of trying to do it dry and without warming up. But once I realised what I was doing wrong it went in lovely. Managed it 8 times without wrecking it.


This is how I did it. It might help some of you in the future.




Neoprene rubber is tough as shit, but it's not very stretchy when it's cold. Boil the kettle, drop the boots in a bowl and cover with boiling water. They'll be fine.


After a minute or so, fish a boot out of the bowl, burning yourself with the water as you do so. Give it a shake and and dry it out with a towel or something.


Stick it in the "wrong" hole.


You'll never get the big end through the bottom hole. Poke the male threaded part through one of the side holes in the boot and then down and out through the hole it's meant to be through.






It'll look like this when it's right through.




Flip the large portion of the boot away from the bearing end so you can get to the correct side of the aperture through which you poked the male thread through first.




Work a pair of long nose pliers in as shown and simply pull the boot back over the curved side of the bearing end. It is so much easier doing it along the side like this than trying to get it over the side with the bearing ID showing.




Then you can put your misalignment spacers in or whatever.


Hope this helps someone. Before I thought to heat it up I was struggling like fuck and getting nowhere - like a dumb ass.

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