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JCW steering wheel

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Ive just bought myself the JCW steering wheel. I couldnt find the leather one for love nor money so settled with the alcantara version. Its fab! Its so much wider, more comfortable, tacticle, attractive and its a totally worthwhile mod.


Of note, i bought it from BMW cheltenham for £282 - considerably cheaper than ive seen anywhere else, inc newminisport, minisport etc who were all around £320/ 330. It even arrived in less than 24 hrs.


Fitting was easy enough using the various guides online and moving the radio controls was fine. Only issue was the bloody airbag light came on one id reconnected the power. Went back to BMW to ask them to reset the computer (£25), who said that whenever you break the airbag circuit the light will always stay on and has to be reset. Irksome.


Great wheel, good price, easy to fit, worth doing (might need to get light reset)



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