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MINI GP1 0636

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Job spec sent to 1320 for the next stage of evolution:


Supply low mileage W11 donor engine (crank from Davy Koppen?). Fit cylinder sleeves.

Inspect existing gearbox and if advisable to replace then supply mileage/recon gearbox

Prepare original GP engine for transportation (and gearbox if applicable). Also box up all removed parts for transportation.

Supply and fit Os Giken single plate clutch and diff

Paint donor block and thoroughly clean engine bay

Remove head from original engine, inspect, repair as necessary and install on donor engine

Remove Wossner pistons from original block and reuse (if possible) or supply fresh pistons (dependent on bore of new block....)?

Con rod upgrade? Necessary? sensible?

Bottom end bearings, rod bolts, head stud kit

Standalone ECU (Link?)

1320 turbo conversion using typical components. GBT? What exhaust system is fitted?

Supply and fit Cosworth ICD digidash (need to think about sensors required - oil temp needs adding at least)

Investigate canbus(?) tyre pressure monitoring systems and advise if compatible with Cosworth ICD. If so, supply and fit (would really like this to work and integrate with the dash as it would be a really useful feature for trackdays)

Remove HFS-3 water meth misting kit if no longer utilised

Map ECU (boost by gear? Launch control?)

supply and Fit quick release steering wheel boss and aftermarket wheel (OMP Corsica? Suggestions?)

Replace fuel filter

Replace fuel filler cap seal (perished)

Identify fault with deliberately short circuited pad wear sensors (if fault light present)

Check operation of rear brake calipers to ensure no binding. Repair / replace as necessary

Check condition of all wheel bearings. One of the front wheel hubs has the grub screw snapped off in it. Either drill out or replace

Fit KND rear trailling arm pickups (to be supplied by customer)

Fit KND rear control arms x4 (to be supplied by customer)

Refit bonnet grille with new fixings (currently loose)



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Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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