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Found 1 result

  1. Loui

    The batmobile

    I could write a very long thread with the progression of this car over the 7 years I've owned it but 1.) I'd probably bore you all to tears 2.) be here weeks 3.) my lap top with loads of pics is broken and been sat in my mates study for over 12 months with no sign of getting it back lol Well I bought the car in April 2005 as a 6month old jcw converted coopers with jcw seats and the areo kit saying I'm not going to mess with it. Well that lasted about a day as other wheels got fitted along with kw springs etc. The car has gone through many different pulleys, manifolds, exhausts and suspension setups over the years. The big milestones being late 2007 I imported an RMW cylinder head. This was fitted to the car in jan 2008 by 1320mini. The head didn't perform as well as Jan said it would and it struggled to make 260bhp on the old tat dyno. Paul put a newman cam in and untuned on 380cc injectors we saw 272bhp. The most uk had seen from a non tuner owned car. The car pretty much stayed in the same state, with small odds and sods being done along with the addition of more track focus seats, suspension and cosmetic bits until April 2011 when Christine my wife won me Dave Morgans ABF/1320 converted turbo mini for silly money on eBay. I'd been planning on going turbo for a long time but this made it happen a lot sooner than it would have been in reality. Just before this redline had featured the car in its supercharged form As I felt my shell was the nicer car I decided to stick with my car and combine the two cars to make one crazy ass mini and a stock one to sell. 1320 were chosen for the job as they knew both cars well and a couple of weeks later I had one car which was engineless with a mass of parts in the boot and a stock one to sell with a pile of duplicate parts to fund the conversion. A month or so past as I was in no rush for the car back till the other car sold and in Early August I collected the car back from 1320 with its turbo conversion. At 15psi running of the waste gate with no boost controller (people said it couldn't be done) it made 267whp and 207wtq on 1320's mustang dyno. Or on Lohens rotortronics 312bhp and 335nm torque with a boost cut at 7,000revs. In October the car was once again photo'd by Matt woods this time for modern mini magazine. It's in the current issue at present. This I pretty much where we are now in printed highlights form