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  1. AJ1489

    Racing type Battery

    I thought I'd post an update to my post above....my Braille battery failed spectacularly with melted casing. This is due to the fact that these batteries (all LI auto application batteries it seems) just cannot handle the deep cycling of a draw down to a low voltage then a full charge. Spoke with Braille and they don't offer any improved tech as of today, but Antigravity certainly does with their 're-start' feature, so that is what I'm trying next (ATX 20 RS @ 4lbs). Check it out as it seems to be a really good solution, plus much more affordable than the Braille product. https://shop.antigravitybatteries.com/news/product-release-restart-battery/ https://rennlist.com/forums/987-981-forum/1056247-antigravity-lith-ion-batteries.html Happy spring all (driving season!)
  2. I'm following up my post in case useful to others. After much pondering and some calculating... I've determined that the spring length difference was not an issue, But that the bump stop length and rates were critical in my particular case**. I came across a company (Fatcat/5X racing) that provides a nice rising rate chart for their stops which allowed me to get comfortable with a plan that, on paper, allows 21mm of wheel travel compression (from installed at rest and using 0.87 motion ratio) before bumpstop comes into play. Considering that the first part of bump compression is pretty mild, and from what I could find that other track oriented cars run as 'free' movement before bump, I'm hoping Ok. Have yet to do real measures after installing. ** My case being clearance complications from finally installing Onasled trailing arm brackets along with existing Tarret sway bar and OEM GP ali trailing arms.
  3. AJ1489

    Racing type Battery

    I'm using a Braille G20 LI which seems similar to that. When charged, starter motor seems at least as strong as with OEM battery, but it will go dead in about a month unused. Braille warns about not letting it go below a certain voltage or it may become unchargable. Haven't had that happen to me despite letting it go dead many times. But it adds a little anxiety to each time I put the charger on it! A battery cut-off switch should alleviate the problem - on my to do list.
  4. AJ1489

    Baffled sump

    I think some here are not fans of Jan @RMW, but I'm using his trap door baffle: http://store-revolutionmini-com.3dcartstores.com/RMW-Oil-sump-baffle_p_91.html My car isn't fast enough yet (and not on slicks) to know if its doing the job.
  5. Hi all, hoping for help with a newbie question. After much research, mostly here on TrackMini, I've ordered 10kg rear springs to replace the 8kg (140mm length or approx 5.5") that came with my KW Clubsports. Goal being more turn in with less rear sway bar stiffness. So I ordered Swift brand but they offer only 5" or 6" length, and I went the shorter option (5" or 127mm) because the 140mm length put the threaded perch somewhat near the bottom of threaded range on the shock body with ride height set. Logic being that the 10kg rate (stiffer) will have less sag and be even closer to bottom when adjusted for same ride height as before - and that because of the stiffer rate I wont need/use as much travel. Now I'm second guessing and wondering if I should at least be changing bumpstops and/or the helper springs to avoid bad things if these slightly shorter springs ever do bottom out at speed. Car is for trackdays and occassional auto-crossing only - though street legal and driven to events. Also, I use r-compound tires (not full race Hoosiers). All comments are very much appreciated! AJ
  6. AJ1489

    Powerbrake BBK on CooperRSR

    Thanks for the reply. Seems I need to educate myself a bit more on the subject, then will likely take you up on the offer. AJ
  7. AJ1489

    Powerbrake BBK on CooperRSR

    Ian, it sounds like you may have a vested interest in this kit, but I'll ask anyhow at the risk of learning something... why go this route over the seemingly tried and true (for us in north america) of the TCE/Wilwood kit? I need to make a BBK decision this winter AJ
  8. I'm running same 23.8 Tarrett bar - can't beat infinite adjustment and the ease of doing. I ordered a second set of the slider guide blocks to equally support back side of bolt thru the arm slot. It just felt to me that that was needed and missing from kit. Somewhere else in the forums its mentioned that there's an issue when using this bar with ali trailing arms and shorter trailing arm mounts - like those that Greg from Onasled offered - which I have, but lost my motivation to test fit after reading that. AJ (first post here after lurking for a while and not following plans to introduce myself properly).