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  1. fat controller

    Browns Track 53

    How’s the map from Dervtech? What results did you get from them?
  2. fat controller

    R53 performance parts

    Has the quaife gone?
  3. fat controller

    Cheque book Racing R53 build

    How much is the latest round of weight reduction costing if you don’t mind sharing?
  4. fat controller

    Vid From The Nurburgring

    Was out at the Nurburgring last weekend, thought I’d share a vid and some pics from the weekend ðŸ‘ðŸ¼ðŸ˜€
  5. fat controller


    Cars fixed again. Evening Trackday shakedown to make sure it’s actually fixed before the Nurburgring at the end of the month. Vid from the evening Half way through the session an XKR shows he definitely has more horsepower as he waves me by(e)
  6. fat controller

    R56 Trackday Build

    RS29 are a great pad. Leagues ahead of a DS2500. I’m runnjng these with no ducting and they are fine, no pad break up even when you’ve got them smoking by the time you return to pits Gonna run some ducting on mine from the fogs as well at some point to prolong disc life
  7. fat controller

    Exhaust baffles / decibel reducers

    Cars a 2002 r53
  8. Anyone got one that they can recommend that fits a JCW system? Doing Bedford in a couple of weeks and just realised that DB linitbis 87. When I was at Donnington last week drive by was 89 and I had a warning that I was nudging the limit. Don’t teally want to travel all the way to Bedford to get booted off for noise limit breaches.
  9. fat controller

    PLAN "B" - MINI33

    What vents are you using in the bonnet?
  10. fat controller

    Donington National

    1st time at Donington this Friday. Short time there but really enjoyed the circuit. Loved tackling Craners. Vid from the day Day was cut short as the mini now sounds like this
  11. Due to the either mini being broken or me being busy it’s been a while since I’ve been on track. Managed to get to Blyton with Mazda On Track to do 2 layouts I’ve not previously done, the Inner and Eastern Circuits. Both pretty twisty so really enjoyable in the mini. Inner Eastern ðŸ‘ðŸ¼
  12. fat controller

    Track friendly exhaust set up

    Might be worth switching back to a R53 system. I’m running Janspeed Manifold (might be GT Tuning one cant remember now), decat and r53 JCW system. It’s still loud but haven’t triggered any noise meters yet. Having said that I’m yet to do either Donnington or Brands in it.
  13. fat controller

    Best oil for a coopers s track car

    Why a 10/60?
  14. fat controller

    Best oil for a coopers s track car

    I’m also using 5/40 fully synthetic
  15. fat controller

    2017 track days

    I really enjoyed Blyton in the mini, it’s lack of long straights suits the mini and it’s lack of power. No more dates for me this year. Got a long list of stuff to sort on the car before starting track days again next spring