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  1. lee07771


    Hi, The car has been run in and only managed one dyno pull as we had belt slip the car made 285whp on pump gas . I have a shorter belt now but the dyno is in bits so I will have to wait for more tuning .
  2. lee07771

    Heat shielding

    Try demon tweeks mate
  3. lee07771

    From Targa to Track Slave (Downunder)

    Good to see some aussie recycling
  4. lee07771

    Mini34 (2.0)

    Looking good Craig
  5. lee07771

    MINI GP1 0636

    Nicely specced set up Marc should be awesome.
  6. lee07771


    After a long wait for engineered parts and supplies to come through the engine is built and back in the car.The engine has been run in and is awaiting some tuning ,hopefully all good to go for Thursday. Once tuned using the pro alloy top mount to get some figures from old engine to new I will put on the front mount intercooler that has been made to see what boost and power figures we have and mainly IAT but really the wrong time of year but we will see.
  7. lee07771

    R53 pre-facelift stud conversion

    Demon tweeks fella
  8. lee07771

    2002 Dark Silver Track/Sprint Project

    Great write up throughout!
  9. lee07771

    Mini34 (2.0)

    I have a CAE and I like it but some people don't,the coolerworx is very similar but not so painfull on the pocket.
  10. lee07771

    Mini34 (2.0)

    Weighs less than I thought.
  11. lee07771

    Mini34 (2.0)

    That's some cage in the red car.
  12. lee07771

    Cheque book Racing R53 build

    What is the fit like ?
  13. Sell the coils and buy a new engine Davy must have one knocking about.Cant use coils without an engine!