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  1. Alski

    The batmobile

    Good colour hope its 335d
  2. http://www.stuttgart-classica.co.uk/new-parts/titanium-brake-pad-heat-shields https://hardbrakes.com/
  3. Anyone considering or used titanium backing plates between caliper Pistons and pads? is it a cheap effective mod or snake oil ? i have gp2 calipers to fit soon and I hear they sometimes eat the seals after heavy track work ?
  4. As it says let me know if you have one, stock front for me is only 22.5 mm, roadster has loose rear in marginal conditions with 20mm rear bar,
  5. Alski

    Forum upgrade complete

    Cheers chaps
  6. Alski

    TVs for sale

    https://www.northamericanmotoring.com/forums/attachments/mini-parts-for-sale/187315d1543663750-tvs900-47210090_1990437661023759_3636560513309081600_n.jpg Not mine but someone might be interested
  7. Alski

    Track Day tyres

    Yep I am saying 10:20 but can't remember Winter is coming And it's bringing an lsd and some camber and caster and a gp strutbrace
  8. Alski

    Track Day tyres

    Ad08r round Silverstone in damp to wet conditions and 5 degrees c 215/45/17 Only a half hour session on national circuit, saw a few spinners, some got away with it others not so much Not much fun, compared to full wet session on runflats I'm not going to rebook more than a week in advance this late in the year again, typical that last weekend was over 20 degrees
  9. Alski

    How long does a tank of fuel last on track?

    Sounds about right, try 7mpg with est lap time and length and see if it matches up
  10. Alski

    Cheque book Racing R53 build

    How about more power... ? 240 bhp per Ton needs something extra under the hood
  11. Alski

    R56 Trackday Build

    Stock front is 22.5mm for my car I've upgraded rear to 20mm from 16mm so big change My r53 stock fronts was 24mm with a whiteline rear, ran 1.75 front camber was just right on ado8r
  12. Alski

    R56 Trackday Build

    So which is the best pairing from these 3 options ? Adjustable Caster bush Thicker front arb Adjustable topmounts 98% road car say 3 track days per year, so B road control and compliance before best track performance Roadster comes with really skinny front bar, has superpro rear already fitted B16 fitted, but no camber 215/45/17 ado8r on et 37 7" wheels
  13. Alski

    R56 Trackday Build

    I've got superpro drop links and was seriously considering the camber bushes, should I give this a miss ? And Spend that cash on real camber ? Dropping subframe for a quaife at some stage
  14. Alski

    K20 swap into a R53

    Just for some extra inspiration https://www.pistonheads.com/road-tests/astonmartin/aston-martin-cygnet-v8-driven/38535
  15. Alski

    R56 suspension parts

    Always have an eye out for r56 stuff But I've already got that lot covered