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  1. Adm010

    Paint Job

    Hey everyone, Im now the proud owner of a full aero kit for my R53 (courtesy of P40ulw) Only slight downside is that itll need painting - options are just to spray it to match the stock grey, or do a full respray and give my baby a new lease of life. Ive had one quote from a local Cheltenham company (£2700) but went to see the BMW bodyshop (totally seporate facilility). Really top guy, walked me round the booth, showed me the billions of colour and finish options and loves his minis, and he thought they wouldnt be too far off that figure either. 1. Any good paint guys near me you could recommend? 2. Looking for good colour suggestions/ photos. Was thinking a dark pearl blue or candy with some white stripes, but open ideas. Just want something wih real depth. Think ill debadge, smooth, and fill in the little grill in the front bumper as its a bit fussy. Vecchio are promising some occari scuttle vents by month end. Ideas welcomed
  2. Hi Daveke, thanks for the post - Paul came through after a rummage in his collection (although one in the right colour would have been nice!) hey ho, excuse to get the car resprayed.
  3. oh well. Thanks for getting back to me though. Alex
  4. Hi buddy. Whats the price on the complete aero ie f&r bumbers and skirts? Where in the country are you?
  5. Have you got the aero side skirts as well?
  6. Adm010

    Clicking noise

    Evening, Since having a load of work done last week, over the past few days a pretty bad clicking noise has developed, mainly on front drivers side, whenever you brake/ accelerate. Any ideas? Brakes binding? Something up with the shocks? I cant replicate it bouncing the car by hand and the steering seems to be ok. Irkesome as i dont really want the expensive of having to take it to a local having spent £3k in past few weeks!
  7. Adm010


    Went for Flux. £340. Im 36 with 15yrs of no claims - i prefer not to think of myself as old!! Went out of a country drive yesturday - stonking!! The car is just so much better, tighter, firmer, faster and )) all round
  8. Adm010


    Although I've just told my insurance company and they've sacked me off!! The broker found another company but it tripled my insurance to £750!! My RS6 was half that amount! Anyone recommend a good insurer?
  9. Adm010


    I picked up my R53 earlier after a few days with 1320 - i was laughing my tits off before i got to the end iff the road! It was awesome!! In no particular order, the clutch got replaced (as there was none left) and has gone from needing legs of iron to the lightest touch which is awesome. With the new springs fitted and wishbone bushes fitted, it handled so much better it was like night and day. It went where i steered it, it stuck to the road, you could really throw it around and stayed much flatter. The 17% and crack pully plus map have just transformed the car - the pull, the torque, the increased whining and sucking; 3rd gear is just amazing! It just goes and keeps going! Traction control does seem to bite in now though! With the existing pipercross, GRS IC and R56 Brembos from Minimatt fitted the other day (fully broken in and rip your face off stopping power) and a sweet JCW alacantra wheel, i now have a nice tight tidy little package and v happy. The smile on my face was massive all the (scenic route) home. Happy days. Cheers fellas!!
  10. Adm010


    Likewise, thats why i thought id write this post because as you say, i think ive only ever seem them mentioned once or twice. They seemed really busy and the phone was going all day so im surprised ive not seen more, and like i said they were the only modern mini stand at MITP with all those bits and bobs you want. Im happy with the service ive recived today and happy to spread the word.
  11. Adm010


    Good job im heading to 1320 tomorrow then Tommy for some long scheduled work and for the first engine mods Thebigminishow.com on 13 Sept near Stafford is dedicated to the new mini, so hopefully a few more modern mini traders
  12. Adm010


    Evening all, I came accross MiniMatt via a thread in a different forum and at MITP a few weeks ago he was the only new mini trader. I was looking for some R56 JCW Brembos for my R53 and he was really helpful and said he'd see what he could do. Cooperke S was selling a set on here at a good price, but with p&p and paypal exchange rates it was a tad higher than i wanted to pay (still sorry), but MiniMatt came back to me and had a good set and a good price with new pads and discs and fitting. I spent 5hrs up there today getting them fitted and he showed me all the bits that needed to be cut out for the rears, answered any questions and was really helpful and we talked about a few other things. For £1k i drove out with shiney new brakes all round, a catch can and set of coolant hoses - i consider that to be oretty good going (and i even managed to get a few cups of tea while waiting). I hadnt realised that he does mods, remaps etc as well and i thought he mostly did preowned stuff, but it appears he does and at a good price. There were mountains of used stuff of all types, all in good nick and a shiney new aero bumper i was tempted by. I had a good time with Matt and recommend them. Good customer services via email, finds the things you want at a reasonable price, v helpful. As for the brakes, just bedding them in on the way home and will continue to do so for a while. They clearly have a lot of extra stopping power. Fitting, apart from cutting a small bit out at the rears didnt seem tk be a huge drama, but you do need spacers up front to fit on standard S-spoke. They look great and really fill up the rim. As ive read before, the pedal is a bit softer and does travel a bit further which will take some getting used to, but once you push down, the car will come to a halt pretty quickly (and i have avoided really pushing them that hard until properly bedded in so look forward to that. Off to 1320 tomorrow for clutch, springs, pulleys etc. Hopefully after all that i should have a nice tidy, tight little package without going ott or spending excessivly.
  13. Adm010


    Afternoon all, Well after a few hours down the motorway, i arrived! It ws a pleasant morning out. Some of the cars just in the car park were pretty impressive let alone those inside. Some had clearly had a lot of money/ time/ knowledge/ imagination thrown at them - some impressive mods, some subtle, some less so! Disappointed though by the trade stands, apart from Mattmini, there were none for the bmw mini, just the classic mini, and there were a few things i was looking to get. I did have a chat with Mattmini though and they are going to see if they can source some r56 JCW 4pot brembos (inc pads and discs) for my r53 for £600 which isnt too bad. Some of the drag races were phenominal - love to have seen what some were packing! Yeah worth going but not enough places to chat modern mini or to spend money!
  14. Adm010

    JCW steering wheel

    I did