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  1. Loui

    The batmobile

    So things have moved on, the engine is now in the car and the new turbo and wastegate have turned up
  2. Loui

    R53 track build

    This looks to be coming nicely!
  3. Loui

    the other R53 from Finland

    Welcome back
  4. Loui

    Tow cars

    Ideally it’s what I’d like but I’m not sure it will be heavy enough
  5. Loui

    Tow cars

    I’ve been considering opting out of the company car scheme when the tax year ends in April as much as I love my M140i. But for what it costs it’s not really a perk any more plus having something with a tow bar could be useful for trailering the track cars to track days. So my question is what do you tow with? What weight would I need to be at safe levels? can anyone recommend anywhere for doing the trailer test? what trailer do you use? In an ideal world I think I’d prefer an estate or saloon car to an SUV but open to ideas
  6. Loui

    The batmobile

    I have also purchased some r56 trailing arms and some of Karl’s nifty mounts. I suppose if we’re going to do it we might as well do it properly
  7. Loui

    The batmobile

    Long over due update, engine is together, it’s all been balanced, this has now met the gearbox with the new clutch and flywheel
  8. Loui

    Trackmini project version 2.0

    A few weeks later, myself, Rob and Simon met up. We got the front coil overs off the black mini in simons garage, but failed getting the backs off as how we had it jacked up was sketchy. We they started on fitting the roll cage. Simon made plates while I got the last bit of sound deadening out of the car. Simon then started to weld the plates in, we then put the rear part of the cage in, at this point I was going to head for home but the battery died.
  9. Loui

    Trackmini project version 2.0

    From there I continued selling but off including the 3 spoke wheel and airbag, door casings, Xenon lights to highlight a few bits. i then started on removing all the sound deadening material
  10. Loui

    Trackmini project version 2.0

    I’ve had a strange year with illness in the family, plus been mega busy at work so this didn’t get as far as I intended. Jack at work came round and swapped the stat and housing which stopped the over heating issue, we ended the day by fitting the gold team dynamics Rob had given to the project
  11. Loui


    Chaps I think ive tidied it up, sorry been busy with work, projects, Christmas, family and a poorly wife and child
  12. Loui

    Newbie Here

    Welcome to Trackmini, I ought to update my car and the forum project lol
  13. Loui

    Browns Track 53

    That escalated quickly
  14. Brutal Karl!! Anyway Marcel, welcome to the paper weight mini club LOL!!!