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  1. Loui

    The batmobile

    It’s a 530d Al. I went with a 5 to give a bit more towing capacity
  2. Loui

    The batmobile

    Well I’ve decided to come out of the company car scheme and bought myself a tow barge for track days, just need to do my trailer test now.
  3. Loui

    2002 Dark Silver Track/Sprint Project

    I really like this, I’m not normally a fan of graphics but this works well
  4. Loui

    Weld in roll cage advice

    Custom cages offer there cage in t45 where safety devices use CDS. The reason I say this is t45 is lighter and stronger. In terms of fitting custom cages have approved fitters round the country but do your research on them. A few of us on here have used Steve Lancaster in Selby, but you would have to probably wait for him as he will probably have a queue of rally car cages
  5. Loui

    Trackmini project version 2.0

    So Sunday we got the drivers seat in on a mini rail so it slides as there will be a few different drivers in the car
  6. Loui

    Cheque book Racing R53 build

    Looks awesome Sy
  7. Loui

    The batmobile

    So I went to see the car today, there are some plumbing issues that need to be worked out, but Jason has got the car to a stage where we can’t do much till the fab work is done
  8. Loui

    The batmobile

    It’s a 73 Jorge
  9. Loui

    Trackmini project version 2.0

    So I met up with Si for a few hours on the car, it was one of those days where things just didn’t want to go our way, bolts were being stubborn, the one bonnet latch decided it didn’t want to work but we did get the rear part of the cage bolted down properly. We started on the on the front coilovers, but will need to swap the top mounts as there the wrong way round, ffs!!!!
  10. Loui

    RKDE project

    Great to hear Rich. That’s a bummer about the charger
  11. Loui

    Track/Daily R53, don't tell the missus.

    Makes sense now, thanks on the gauges
  12. Loui

    Track/Daily R53, don't tell the missus.

    Excuse my naivety but why were you getting a piston blasted?
  13. Loui

    RKDE project

    Shame you were never 100% happy with the blower setup as I think the concept was really good. Are we going to see you out and about soon now it’s turbo’d the setup looks good