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  1. Pobsey

    The batmobile

    Very nice!
  2. Pobsey

    Tow cars

    You know the answer Mr Chris - 330d
  3. Pobsey

    OEM flywheel mounting surface thickness?

    No measurements to hand but I was surprised how thick the dmf centre section was - much thicker than your picture. There is a mini parts supplier who stock the shorter bolts for single mass flywheels about £50 for the set! Can’t remember their name!!
  4. Pobsey

    Mini34 (2.0)

    I’ve read that the coolerworkx base is a thinner gauge alloy sheet for the base and so flexes more than the CAE.
  5. Pobsey

    Lightest race battery spec options

    They make you go faster as there’s less money in your wallet so your lighter ðŸ§
  6. Pobsey

    R56 Trackday Build

    Any particular reason why these people didn’t recommend the castor adjusted bushes?
  7. Pobsey

    R56 Trackday Build

    I’ve fitted super pro castor bushes and I’ve noticed that the drop links are now very close to the bodyshell, yes I’ve fitted AST droplinks that are much fatter than the oem ones. But the clearance is just a couple of mm
  8. Reading there terms and conditions I’d run a mile - their warranty is void on the w11 engines is a stock harmonic damper is used they only recommend Alta or gtt... Also any company who don’t have any contact details on their website makes alarm bells ring for me
  9. Pobsey

    R56 suspension parts

    Ignore me, 5200’s are different
  10. Pobsey

    R56 suspension parts

    The rear r56 adaptors pull off the struts
  11. Cheapest I have found them for was £95 each on eBay then £10 to get them fitted at my local tyre place
  12. Pobsey

    From Targa to Track Slave (Downunder)

    At least the drivers door looks ok! Glad your ok, cars can be fixed
  13. Pobsey

    Track/Daily R53, don't tell the missus.

    Mine has cracked on both welds and the diverter has come detached from the intercooler
  14. Pobsey

    Getrag 5-speed question

    Some can’t handle 120bhp