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  1. Brand spanking new never fitted canton power steering tank for first gen R50 R52 R53 Cooper, cooper S as sold by orranje presently for £155 £105 will post within the uk for free or can be picked up from Al9 herts
  2. hoppinmad

    For sale are

    At least have the desency to spam us in a language we can understand
  3. hoppinmad

    K20 swap into a R53

    This is a conversion I have considered myself over the past couple of years. Zcars here in the UK did a k20 conversion a few years ago. A very good friend has just fitted a k20 into a rover metro fits so well looks like it had always been in there.
  4. hoppinmad

    Track mini in the making

    Wow. I wish I was in the position to make an offer. Someone is going end up with an amazing bit of kit.
  5. hoppinmad

    Track mini in the making

    Don't you just hate it when real life gets in the way of playing with your toys
  6. hoppinmad


    Newman did have a bad batch but that was a good few years ago and the issue was resolved quite some time ago
  7. 2 metres (just over) of 50mm 2 ply silicon brake ducting hose blue, not the cheap stuff £30 posted within the UK happy for it to be picked up from AL9 herts PayPal gift please Can't upload pics more than happy to e-mail or whatsapp some
  8. hoppinmad

    R53 drivers door

    Pure silver R53 drivers door complete minus mirror and speaker wiring has a very small ding and some rivnuts on the inside where I attached flat door cards Only want £50 because I need it out of my way Can be collected from al9 herts I can't upload pics but will be happy to e-mail or whatsapp you some
  9. hoppinmad

    R53 head, cam, injectors

    SOLD R53 S standard head with standard cam still fitted some standard injectors and rocker cover. removed at 39k when I fitted BVH. in very good condition, ideal if you are returning you top end back to standard £85 the lot, dont want to split, no post can be picked up from AL9 Herts Can't load photos, happy to e-mail as pics of any aspect of the head and parts and as many as you want
  10. hoppinmad

    Track mini in the making

    Colour coded every time
  11. hoppinmad

    Carbotech xp10 pads

  12. hoppinmad

    Carbotech xp10 pads

    Carbotech xp10 pads for R56s/R53 jcw calipers. brand new never fitted only taken out of the box to have a look at them. £180 posted within the UK Happy for them to be picked up from al9 Can't post pics but I'm sure you all know what that are/look like. Happy to e-mail pics if you want some PayPal gift or you pay the fees please
  13. hoppinmad


    I hope your gonna clean the Bird crap off it. That would probably be worth 10whp
  14. hoppinmad

    Corbeau revenge XL Kevlar & ARB

    I will listen to sensible offers for the seat, i will be at 1320 on the 29th of this month (2pm on) I'm happy to take it and drop it off if anyone wants it
  15. Corbeau revenge XL kevlar (exposed ) no rips, tears, holes, no worn/rubbed through areas in very good condition very clean its hardly been used as its been sat in my spare room wrapped up for ages a few small hardley noticable scratches around the mount fixing holes weighs 7.2kg manufactured in 2013. No mounts Really comfortable and holds you extremely well I've done a quick search and these are presently selling for between £660 and £710. £350 ono no post Mini one 16mm front ARB with brackets and unused powerflex poly bushes just back from the powder coaters so as new £50 posted uk post only I'm based in herts AL9 I cant upload photos just keep get error. More than happy to e-mail photos to anyone interested or if some kind soul would ad them to the listing I would be very grateful