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  1. 1qwkmini

    Head and camshaft torque settings

    Try this...best document I have found. ENGINE TORQUE W11.pdf
  2. 1qwkmini


    Thanks Clicking on the date/last post works just fine.
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    Is it possible to view the last post in thread first...like the old forum? When I go to read new content, it starts at the beginning of the thread (PITA). Just can't seem to find where to set this up. Cheers
  4. 1qwkmini

    R53 track build

    I must say that looks rather nice....but a bit strange. In North America the cage would require a diagonal brace in the main hoop to compete in any race series...guest it's different across the pond. Some bodies are now requiring an X brace in the main hoop with gussset's at the intersection.
  5. 1qwkmini

    R53 Water pump solutions

    You pretty much have to make a straight one for it to work with the supercharger..had to make one to work my electric pump. You can actually just weld on a straight section to the adapter plate mounted to the block for the S/C waterpump connection. The cast aluminum is dirty as shit, so it will need a good cleaning...but it can be done. Then the hose just goes up and over the S/C intake piping.
  6. 1qwkmini

    Race car no key start

    ROLMAO I often feel that way but I still tear shit apart and figure out how to put it back together...started as a small child.
  7. 1qwkmini

    Race car no key start

    It's your call!! But after 2 cages/cars, I would pull/thin the harness...make sure it all works as you want it...then pull it out and send the car out for the cage. I'm getting too old to work around door bars etc. You young guys are much more limber :D
  8. 1qwkmini

    Race car no key start

    The rewire is a lot easier than dealing with BCM B/S...I fried 2 of them for some reason. Just some basic relays/microswitch/powersupply etc. I'm no electrical guy--last thing I really want to deal with but it was better than diagnostic crap for BCM etc. Took about a day in total to get ti sorted. It's much easier with the car all apart and before the cage...doing an E36 right now and getting around the cage to wire things up is like being forced to do YOGA. If I did it again (now my second time) I would sort all the wiring before doing the cage, then pull it out and install the cage.
  9. 1qwkmini

    Race car no key start

    ABS is unaffected...think it just needs a signal from the brake switch or just a power wire...I did this so long ago. I believe the ABS circuit/controller is located on the pump itself. Just check if all the sensor leads go back to the pump (pretty sure they do). My car is in a trailer in storage at the moment. EWS is the Mini/BMW starter disable/security function built into the ECU and module located (in NA) on the passenger inner firewall. So assume for you Rigthies it would be on the left. White Module Box...usually marked EWS or the like. You basically start from scratch and add your own circuits..brake with it's own microswitch (Mini is a Hall effect so not enough voltage) and direct wire to taillights. I added an old fashioned relay flasher to make the 4way flashers work. Direct wire high and low speed wiper with 3-way switch (you loose the auto park function so you need to manually park the blades with the switch...bit of a pita but I've only needed them once). You can wire in turn signals off the same relay as the 4way flashers. That's about all I set up other than the AIM dash for all the temp/pressure gauges etc. I know there are other ways to do it..even a programmable aftermarket BCM that will work with the factory switches, Hall effect etc, but it's expensive. Just tried to keep it simple and cheap.
  10. 1qwkmini

    Race car no key start

    Yes...it's not the BCM that is the problem...it's the EWS. Are you using your Link ECU again or the stock ECU. With the stock ECU you need to have it reprogramed for considerable $$$. With the LInk, it's probably as simple as connecting the 2 wires that run to the EWS (I was using a fuse in the socket) and then you can wire it as you see fit. I had the BCM completely removed with my Vipec and simply wired up the things I needed...brake lights, wipers etc.
  11. 1qwkmini

    Project Turbo r53 on budget

    At least it's better his car than him test driving yours!!! Ouch Hey...at least he is keeping you busy!!
  12. 1qwkmini

    Project Turbo r53 on budget

    Jorge...your car or the customers??
  13. 1qwkmini

    Cheque book Racing R53 build

    Much like any other bump steer correction...you need to replace the tie rods and shim the height to eliminated the change in toe. Have a look here:http://www.trackmini.com/index.php/topic/1541-bump-steer/page__hl__%2Bbump+%2Bsteer
  14. 1qwkmini

    Cheque book Racing R53 build

    Don't bother with roll centre adjusters unless you are prepared to do bump adjusters as well. I posted my results of toe change (bump steer) with roll adjusters installed...somewhere on this site. Don't remember the exact number but you get some ridiculous amount of toe out in compression...something like 9mm per side...great fun under braking.
  15. 1qwkmini

    Lightest race battery spec options

    I run one of these: https://shop.antigravitybatteries.com/products/starter-batteries/extreme-power/v-10/ 1.6Kg of sheer power...never a problem starting, just need to keep it charged and it requires a special charger. I was skeptical at first, but it has never let me down.