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  1. mightymini

    K20 swap into a R53

    Update, while dyno tuning the driver axles broke. Wanted to thank Peter for suggesting the integra axles to replace it. But since it was decided to turbo it we figured to bite the bullet and get a stronger set made. Will start posting the turbo build soon. Greg and Mike here is the proof the it does run and drives;)
  2. mightymini

    K20 swap into a R53

    l cut about a 2 inch section off the hood brace when I first installed the engine to clear the K20 power steering pump. So I did not have to re cut the hood for it to clear the pulley cover. Let me know if you need a picture I will take it next time I pass by the shop.
  3. mightymini

    K20 swap into a R53

    A little update, to respond to a few emails I've gotten 1st before it gets out, Yes my next project will be a 4x4 R56 6 speed.I already started looking for the parts and I may have a donor R56 with a blown engine that I may be using as the project car if the owner agrees on the price. 2nd, Thanks Mike for sending me a oil cooler adparter for the K20 build. 3rd, Yes I hurt my forearm while testing the K20 on the dyno. so, after a few choice words! I decided to make a cover for that stupid open pulley that replaced the power steering pump. 4th, Yes, I am working a new design for the intercooler. Thanks for all the suggestions but I am still not sure if I will do Air to air or Water to air. 5th, It's taking so long to turbo it because this will be a dialy driver/ 400-450hp street fighter that will look pretty stock and everthing thing including the A/C has to work on it..and prefection takes time. Plus I have a few other projects that I am working on. Lol and lastly I decided to pretty it up once everthing including to turbo is up and running instead of trying to please you. and you know who you are. So sorry if it hurts your eyes when looking at the dirty engine..but I bet that still this N/A makes more power than your pretty clean looking R53 with your custom CAI and OBX exhaust..lol Here are some pictures if I can attach them still can get Tapa talk to work.
  4. mightymini

    The batmobile

    What size turbo is that a 60 or 67 wheel?
  5. mightymini

    K20 swap into a R53

    This weekend I wanted to start doing some research on which turbo would work best with this engine setup and what type on turbo manifold I will be making but ever since Peter brought up the water outlet to the head problem with the new thermostat. I have been thinking of difference ways I could solve that, at first I was going to make a spacer between the thermostat and the block and add an outlet to it. Then a friend told that they already make one to solve that but at $269 I said screw that! so I decided to save time and money and do some backyard engineering and simply tap into the water pump passage before the thermostat and fit a barb fitting and connect the head inlet hose to it. as you can see on theses picture. Problem solved Also since space is at a premium after I installed the AC and the fan shroud was not touching but really close to the slave cylinder. I decided to do something about that and since the K20 RSX Type S slave is similar to the BMW "delay" valve type cylinder which I am not a big fan of. I changed it out to a standard K20 non S type and shaved off a little just to give me more clearance. This will not only help with the clearance issue but will help faster shifting.
  6. mightymini

    K20 swap into a R53

    Can't seem to be able to use Tapatalk.. Does anyone know why?
  7. mightymini

    K20 swap into a R53

    A little update, today I finished fitting the A/C condenser. After I decided to go with a scirocco radiator it made it a lot easier to fit. I still kept enough room on the side to clear the intercooler piping if I decide to go that route, still need to weld the mini A/C high and low side hoses to the Honda compressor fittings. make the new fan shroud and take the engine out to clean up the engine bay and install the new wiring harness, But that will have to wait till next year, hopefully I'll get the intake back honing soon. Here’s the scirocco radiator. here is after the front brace modification looks factory when the hood is drop. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. mightymini

    K20 swap into a R53

    I was having an issue with a vacuum leak around the two intake plate adapter that I made for the throttle body. Which means under boost it will leak even more. Since I decided to stay with the 70mm throttle body today I made a new plate adapter for that size this time with an o-ring seal and welded it to the manifold. When machining this plate I was thinking of what Peter mentioned about the head not getting enough water with the new thermostat housing. So, I think I may have a solution to fix that so I cut out a new passage for the outlet hose on the underside of the manifold. let's see if the new mod works. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. mightymini

    K20 swap into a R53

    Thanks Peter, yeah! is it a not a bit confusing it’s a lot confusing..lol specially since I am not a computer savy kind of guy or Honda guy for that matter. I had to rely on a ton of friends to help me get the VTC working. Think I spent more time talking to the tech team at link than they would like but I am glad for their patience and help. When I get all the turbo tuning done I will share my data to help anyone that wants to go this route. Right now I’m thinking of doing a new radiator set up. Just did not want to use the Civic one anymore. I’m making a dual pass with two cores, which is bigger, but will still fits under the front bump and not interfere with the RSX intake manifold. Since the plan is for 425-450hp I’m going to take your advice and not touch the motor for now. or unless I blow it up…
  10. mightymini

    Turbo oil drain

    Hey Nick, I'm curious are you going to stay with the external waste gate or switch to internal turbine style? By the way I like your turbo manifold set up
  11. mightymini

    K20 swap into a R53

    Thanks Peter, You have great a eye for details and looking out, You are right the new set up does put the cooling hose fitting after the thermostat but I forgot to explain that I drilled out three small 1/4 holes around the thermostat plate in order to add some circulation to the head. it was the only way I thought that could over come that issue. I am currently running a 180F thermostat but may switch it out to 160F. and/or add a three pass radiator since I am still getting a running temp of 192F with the A/C condenser and the mock intercooler. As for the in tank regulator, since this was a high mileage mini I first decided it was a good to replace the fuel filter since it looked like crap then I remembered that I still had a new in tank motorcycle regulator so I used it just had to do a little trimming on the plastic. In my mind it was best to be safe than sorry for not changing it. This set up is fine for now since it's still normally aspirated but later when I turbo it I will be do the same as you and go with a return line set up with a boost assist fuel pressure regulator. Btw Peter since I’m not a Honda guy and you have more experience with them than me. I would greatly appreciate any help or recommendations if you notice anything else that can be improved. Also how do you feel about CP pistons? Wiseco?
  12. mightymini

    K20 swap into a R53

    Today I got the new ecu plugs that I need in order to make the new wiring harness, since l already got one guy interested in doing a mini k swap. I wanted to know if anyone else may be interested in a new wiring harness to connect the mini “link ecu “ with can bus on. K20 or k24 swap that way it will be easier for me to know if it is worth the time to make a few extra ones or just make two and be done with it. Nick here is how the new housing goes in order to give you about 2 1/2 inched of clearance to push the radiator back to be able to add the intercooler and still keep the A/C condenser Before After Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. mightymini

    K20 swap into a R53

    In the never ending search for a few more ponies. Today I sent the intake manifold to a friend to have it extrude honed since he owes me a favor, hopefully he can do a fast turnaround so l can weld on a new plate for a bigger 80mm Dodge Hemi throttle body that should perform great with the turbo setup. A cool thing is the stock RSX TYPE S manifold has built in velocity intake runners. Also Nick tomorrow l’ll try to post the new thermostat position on block here instead of messaging it to you, so the rest can see it as well. As for the fuel regulator it's a high pressure one that is for in tank type used on race bike and snowmobiles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. mightymini

    K20 swap into a R53

    I guess it was way over due. So, I decided to replace the fuel filter today and modify the return less in tank fuel pressure regulator. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. mightymini

    PLAN "B" - MINI33

    Hey Craig, I like your high volume new radiator but to me it looks like it's a single pass type. Maybe you can look into making it into a three pass core. it's a simple matter of simply insertting and welding two tabs, one at each end of the end tanks. this would make your high volume radiator super efficient. we see temp drop here using a triple pass as low as 20 degree f..that about 10 c for you guys. They are also better in helping with heat soaking also not sure about your rules down there but a good aluminum fan shroud also aids in lowering the temp by not only drawing more hot air but also the aluminum shroud helps disburse heat better than a stock plastic shroud . I wish we could use a water mister or sprayer like Robbo said but our rules to do not allow it here, By the way Robbo I like your hood vents! Also we use Water Wetter with distilled water instead of antifreeze such as the ethylene,propylene or glycol type for cooling, since antifreeze is Not allowed to be use on our tracks.. Water Wetter in the systems also helps to lower water temp and helps with rust and corrosion protection with the use of straight water in racing or in warmer climates..