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  1. I'm parting out the clubbie as I plan to sell it soon unfortunately Nm engeeniring carbon intake for R56 FJCW with MAF price 300 Intercooler, now I bought that as I suspected it was a Borg Wagner and I was correct.I put it side by side with an actual one and they were identical. plus i could the the wagner logo was scraped off.. this is the competition version supposedly only for 2010+ models but I fitted on mine witch is a 2009 after I vandalise a bit the front bumper. Performance is as expected hands down the best I've seen without meth! at summer I stuggle to see +10 or +12 from ambient. 4k miles on it price 150 Oem downpipe with the cat removed no welds for a stealth look, if thats what you're after price 100 Defi Racer 60mm oi pressure gauge with 2 alta style 3d printed gauge pods for free 120 Prices ex shipping
  2. madnick

    Turbo oil drain

    Yeap turbo smoke was gone after that, use at least 10AN size!
  3. madnick

    Turbo oil drain

    car was parted out, is a rolling shell nowdays why would I go backwards to internal wastegate? It is far superior in accurate boost control and helps out with the performance especially if the exhaust is somewhat restrictive, like it was on mine! funny story, I was looking for manifolds to be adapted to the head with the appropriate adaptor plate, and stumbled on your project thread when you where moking up the D16!
  4. madnick

    Turbo oil drain

    Before I killed mine on the new engine I made the return like this, I had it too in the oil sump as everyone this was the only place with room for the starter to be removed etc
  5. R53 R56 Stoptech BBK with floating rotors 328x28 both pads and discs with plenty of life and no heat cracks. the calipers are with their mounts and all seals and dust boots are fine all you need is brake lines and some color on them paint isn't perfect and black is also boring. 750 quid plus 50 for shipping and paypal fees Kw top mounts R56 150 posted
  6. madnick

    R53 fuel pressure regulator upgrade (VAG)

    most i found (group wag) are for return style systems,having a hard time finding one for non return ex the GTT one, if you manage to find something let me know
  7. madnick

    Karl's GP

    6pk1370 I used always for the 15 not loose but not too tight.Go for Continental they stretch less than all other brands
  8. madnick

    Project "ultra hobo", aka married with kids

    It´s like having dejavu right now, good luck with the build
  9. madnick


    I got one with 10k miles on it with it's hydralic lifters complete or a ported one with 50k miles on it bare no lifters
  10. madnick

    From Targa to Track Slave (Downunder)

    Thanks I got already enough info
  11. madnick

    From Targa to Track Slave (Downunder)

    You're the man! I was looking into that same thing a few nights ago as I got my engine apart now can you check it with your machinist to make sure it's the same thread picth these bmw studs with our engine? (the crank bolts they are actually M10 size)
  12. madnick

    From Targa to Track Slave (Downunder)

    Do you have the part number for the arp studs you used on the crank? I've been looking into that
  13. madnick


    I got a MultiProR1 with Swift springs if you interested
  14. madnick


    there it is I found it http://www.ebay.de/itm/Tecomotive-tinyCWA-Controller-Pierburg-CWA200-CWA400-BMW-electric-water-pump-eWP-/351854170065?hash=item51ec248fd1:g:IwAAAOSw14xWLrJM
  15. madnick


    There is a nice little controller from a German company for the BMW piersburg pumps I was keen on doing the conversion myself back in the day