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  1. Bokers

    Mini34 (2.0)

    ^^ What he said.
  2. Bokers

    New member - Mini R53 track car

    Welcome. This is not uncommon, the out of hand haha. Have a good look around here. More info and pictures of the build would be good.
  3. Bokers

    Cheque book Racing R53 build

    Images won't load I did see it on Social, looks epic!!
  4. Bokers

    K24 swap into R53

    Great thread this. Keep it coming!
  5. Bokers


    Nice one Lee, did you get round to testing it all yet?
  6. Bokers

    K20 swap into a R53

    Good mod there, saving some dollars!
  7. Bokers

    The batmobile

    Nice work Chris!
  8. Bokers

    Bokers MINI

    Finally got a password reset now that the forum has been updated. Sweeeet! So, the engine I fitted, I may... MAY... Have left without oil for too long and ceased it. Silly me. Car is sat at 1320 waiting for a forged block to go in when I deliver one.
  9. Bokers

    Bokers MINI

    Haha, exactly! The saga continues... Below!
  10. Bokers

    Bokers MINI

    Not been on here much, I shouldn't neglect my build thread! So the turbo conversion is well under way! Old engine out, one burnt out valve. New engine in, CatCam in, ARP head bolts in. New rocker, sump, oil ring, exhaust and inlet gaskets and oil filter. Turbo on, most things mocked up. Now just gasketing, sealing, the fiddly wiring jobs and fluids and we might be ready to fire it up. Pictures!
  11. Bokers

    Project Turbo r53 on budget

    Great being able to learn as part of your job like this. Very jealous. I saw at Goodwood circuit here in the UK, a K20 swap, it looked very neat too. London Mini Works if you can find it, if it's any help.
  12. Bokers

    From Targa to Track Slave (Downunder)

    Ouch, grooved only next time?
  13. Bokers

    Track mini in the making

    Any ideas on a price?
  14. Bokers

    Track mini in the making

    Fuck me, I thought I might have a chance of affording it... Some work gone in there Jamie. Nice one.
  15. Bokers

    Track mini in the making

    What state is it in pal? Did it get to running? Any specs? We've all seen the fabulous fab work, but I didn't see where it went from there.