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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332871262897
  2. Here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332869711775
  3. pics and videos ->
  4. This is on this Friday at Santa Pod http://www.rwyb.co.uk/performance.php 1320MINI guys are there testing out Old Red, so going to watch/drool Anyone else going please post below! Will post photos/videos in this thread after
  5. Richard

    Mini Challenge JCW F56 for sale

    provisionally sold
  6. Richard

    Mini Challenge JCW F56 for sale

    Taking a year off then we'll see May do some 24hr stuff
  7. https://racecarsdirect.com/Advert/Details/92070
  8. Richard

    $500 R53 Endurance Race Build

    My guess: 2hrs 20mins
  9. Richard

    Requests, ideas & problems

    I'm going to turn on email validation for new members tonight. should hopefully stop it
  10. Richard

    R53 Drive Shaft options

    they are not
  11. Richard


    Cant see any recent FB posts. But I don't know any company that is not back up and running as normal now. Might be safer to call at 8:30am to double check.
  12. Richard

    MINI Challenge F56 JCW Track Experience

    This car is available to rent for the mini challenge season next year, PM me or email sales@odwyermotorsport.com for more info
  13. Richard

    Must watch....

    cool car but shame its not on the limit there i volunteer to crash it
  14. Richard

    New member here

  15. http://brandshatch.mini-festival.co.uk/ Anyone going? There's lots of MINI racing including Mini challenge (my class is: qualifying race 1 on saturday, then 2 races on sunday) Say hello if you are, i'll even sign your face for 53£