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  1. KarlW11R50


    ...thats a lot of porn! knd_
  2. KarlW11R50

    Turbo oil drain

    Nick, So, are you saying that where you ran the oil return into the block worked out ok? I'm loathed to put mine in the sump tbh. knd_
  3. KarlW11R50

    ARP head studs. When and why?

    If you aren't taking the head off anyway, waste of time and money. Even when building an engine I'm not convinced there is any need for them, and in some ways an OEM bolt is superior to the ARP, to the point where I'm considering not using mine and selling them to fit OEM. Rod bolts however, are well worth it, as they are a known failure point. knd_
  4. KarlW11R50

    Hard to downshift to 2nd

    140 pair. knd_
  5. I have a few sets of my spherical bearing rear trailing arm bushes that I can do at £199 per pair delivered. I'll run this until December. Belated Black Friday deal. knd_
  6. KarlW11R50

    Hard to downshift to 2nd

    About 70 a pop. knd_
  7. KarlW11R50

    R53 track build

    Is it a 100% track car, ie full cage trailer queen, or will you be using it on the road too? knd_
  8. KarlW11R50

    Turbo oil drain

    I'm interested in this too. I know Nigel has his in the block so it can be a bit higher up as he was experiencing the exact same problem. knd_
  9. KarlW11R50

    Newbie Here

    Welcome! 100% get some pics up! Maybe even start a build thread?? It's not the busiest forum but there is a good bit of knowledge here and some great people. Oh, and Marcel... Marcel is also here. Things to buy... shameless plug - https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=499000583914121&substory_index=0&id=353432215137626 knd_
  10. KarlW11R50

    R53 hobo project @ Hobo Motorsport Emotional page 13

    Proper fucking annoying, as I knew you'd been looking for a cheap daily when the fucker exploded. knd_
  11. KarlW11R50

    Custom vented brake back plates

    KND when he gets his finger out his arse and finishes them. knd_
  12. Cool cool. I was going to say, knowing the history of the car is a great start. Shame about the pano roof - a lot of weight in exactly the wrong place, plus causes a bit of bother with cages as most off the shelf solutions will not fit the lower internal roof line. You seem undecided if it's the right car for you? Get yourself some semi slicks on some decent wheels - Nankangs on TDs... A brake upgrade - lots of options out there, some very reasonably priced (not sure if you are aware of the R56 Cooper S brake upgrade for example?), stock R53 calipers are awful. Some coilovers, BCs on 8-9kg springs all round or GAZ golds on 450lbs, KW Clubsports A fatter rear anti roll bar - Whiteline or SuperPro 20mm 3-way (rear bar is essential on these cars) Get out on a track and see if it's starting to feel right. If so, great, start giving it a diet, get bushes sorted out, adjustable control arms, tuning etc. If not you've got a very saleable fast road/track day car. knd_
  13. How track car do you want to go? Budget? knd_
  14. KarlW11R50

    R53 hobo project @ Hobo Motorsport Emotional page 13

    Awesome build. I liked the bit where you identified in March you needed a new engine, bought a donor block in May, but then didn't do anything about it, went to the ring a couple of times, spent the money you could have built your engine with on coilovers, then blew your fucked engine up. We still love you tho. x knd_
  15. KarlW11R50

    R50 Race Car - Super Cooper Cup

    Keep your eye on the AR1s. I've seen a lot delaminate. knd_