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  1. Marcel700

    Gearbox rebuild

    Hello hello! To my surprise there's no separate parts for the gearbox available from bmw. I want to rebuild my gearbox and make a diy from it for other people. So i am looking for information parts numbers for bearings gaskets etc And wat the tolerances are and what size shims etc etc. Hopefully you lot can help me out with this much appreciated.
  2. Marcel700

    Cheap single mads flywheel

    Hy guys I am looking for a single mass flywheel. Hopefully somone as got a spare. Otherwise i will get a conversion kit
  3. Marcel700

    2002 Dark Silver Track/Sprint Project

    Like i said on instagram. Bif fan of your build!
  4. Marcel700

    Mini34 (2.0)

    Loooooks sooo fukin goooood!!!
  5. Marcel700

    Cheque book Racing R53 build

    A engine
  6. Marcel700

    Cheque book Racing R53 build

    R53 has the spring inside the gearbox and r56 inside the shifter. You will notice when fitted if you like it or not.
  7. Marcel700

    Cheque book Racing R53 build

    Just a tip with the shitworxs shifter. For a r53 disconnected the spring from the lever.
  8. Marcel700

    K20 swap into a R53

    Clever fuker!
  9. Marcel700

    R53 hobo project @ Hobo Motorsport Emotional page 13

    cheers guys i think..... To be clear only thing i am sad about is that it happened on the ring costing extra money for recovery etc.. and that i couldn't drive during my last trip to the ring with my friends. Plan has always been to take it of the road in November. Mini done more thank 20k km a year 100k in 7years or so took loads of beating and surprised she hold up for so long. She will be rebuild during winter and be back next season better than ever. Peace out niggas Hobo Motorsport_
  10. Marcel700

    R53 hobo project @ Hobo Motorsport Emotional page 13

    2018-10-08_07-55-04 by marcel700, on Flickr Cheers mate hope to have it finished mid next year. Depends on money.. No way cant afford that Old engine. Not sure wat things i can think off doing to the mini that doesn't costs money. so think i will leave it for now and save the money up.
  11. Marcel700

    K20 swap into a R53

    good work mate!
  12. Marcel700

    Cheque book Racing R53 build

    looking good!
  13. Marcel700

    Rear wing options

    Never seen before either
  14. Marcel700

    Gen 1 Fibre glass panels

    Does the oem lock mechanic works with this?
  15. Marcel700

    R53 hobo project @ Hobo Motorsport Emotional page 13

    Wow! Cheers fore the feedback and comments guys! Saved up some money to rebuild my engine but jonnydrama (bruce) had a amazing good deal on ast 5100 coilovers i just couldn't resist 2018-09-27_09-35-18 by marcel700, On 8 september i went to the nurburgring to celebrate my 28th birthday 20180908_134114 by marcel700, on Flickr Checked fluids set tyre pressure bought 4 lap tickets and off i went.... @ Pflanzgarten i lost all power small smoke cloud in my rear view mirror shifted back a few gears and it started to run on 3 cylinders dangerous fast part of the track and cars flying past on the left i made it up to bellof s corner and parked it in front of the marshal post he waved the yellow flag and i phoned the emergency number. Marshalls arrived and put cones out for safety and the famous bongard truck arrived. 20180908_150519 by marcel700, on Flickr Got a taxi lap! 20180908_151206 by marcel700, on Flickr At bongard i looked at a few things checked spark plugs and leads couldn't get the plug out from cylinder 2 Read error codes nothing helpful starting to get late and tried to find a way to get myself and car back to holland. 20180909_115710 by marcel700, on Flickr Because of the dtm and a music festival all hotels were full or 210 euro for a night! So had to think fast bought a tent blanket and pillow walked into the forest.... 20180908_201849 by marcel700, on Flickr Mega mega cold and sounds of wild pigs didn't help either! 20180909_054202 by marcel700, on Flickr lucikly a mate was so kind to pick me and the car up in germany and has offer me his place to work on the car. 20180909_123119 by marcel700, on Flickr Brakes got mega mega hot and worn down! 20180909_172317 by marcel700, on Flickr 20180909_172335 by marcel700, on Flickr the next weekend i started diagnose wat is wrong... 20180915_115102 by marcel700, on Flickr 20180915_131331 by marcel700, on Flickr20180915_153037 by marcel700, on Flickr20180915_153044 by marcel700, on Flickr 20180915_153058 by marcel700, on Flickr So yeaa exhaust valve broke and fuked things up Swapped the kw for the ast. kw v2 are for sale! 20180916_135805 by marcel700, on Flickr 20180915_164213 by marcel700, on Flickr aids 20180916_163635 by marcel700, on Flickr 20180923_151645 by marcel700, on Flickr 20180923_152902 by marcel700, on Flickr Clutch wouldnt have lasted much longer 20180923_161011 by marcel700, on Flickr 20180923_161031 by marcel700, on Flickr 20180923_161043 by marcel700, on Flickr The damage 20180923_162159 by marcel700, on Flickr 20180923_163706 by marcel700, on Flickr 20180923_163728 by marcel700, on Flickr 20180923_164040 by marcel700, on Flickr When life gives you lemons you make a penholder 20180927_200152 by marcel700, on Flickr