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  1. rkde

    RKDE project

    What is really annoying is the issue I had with the blower I have found out was never the blower, it was me and the light weight flywheel so it would stall a little too easily... If I had changed to a heavier flywheel or just got used to it I would have been fine and there was still loads of power to be made from it * The real killer is I sold the blower and all the parts for £750 as I just wanted the space it was taking. Maybe one day I will do something similar on an R52 with what I have learnt especially as I have all the CAD and the parts are not too expensive Will be out very soon, today all that is left is a windscreen which I am cutting in a few weeks and then I have nothing left to do other than MOT etc to put it back on the road
  2. rkde

    RKDE project

    It has been a while since I have been on any forum so they are really out of date and hopefully this post will work and I will show where it is at now; The blower made 275whp after fighting it and changing parts, still had a few issues with the charge cooler as the charge air just ran too hot, it looked and drove great when done but I had a change of mind and pulled it off and put a turbo in... C32 AMG blower conversion before I removed, does look great in there Turbo conversion Made a new 3" exhaust system to go with the down pipe The turbo drives very well and I am very happy with it, made 322whp This how the car is currently looking The car is only missing a few things before its completed - things like the A pillars which they are made but need painting
  3. rkde

    Albutt Racing, just a slag

    The windows came from plastics 4 performance
  4. rkde

    Disable steering wheel lock

    Pop out the cap which is attached with scroll pins and remove the spring and locking cam
  5. rkde

    Engine removal and lift points

    typically I have just backed off 2 mount screws either side of the engine and gearbox and then put them through the chain and back in. So that is 4 screws and then I just lift, done it many times with no issues https://lh3.googleus...w=w1225-h919-no https://lh3.googleus...z=w1225-h919-no some will say its not the safest but ive done 6 mini engines this way
  6. rkde

    RKDE project

    This morning I planned to sort out the pump and realised whilst its all working it is all backwards?? this must be a vipec output as my digital pwm creator is working as you would expect. So I have sat in front of the car with my stethoscope on the rear of the pump and a clamp meter on the supply. I can confirm it is backwards and not quite as above unless you are using a PWM module not a vipec or alternative ECU 10% = max speed 15% ~ 89% = speed control where 89% is as slow as the pump can go 90% ~ 100% = off I suppose this is because the ECU is pulling low on PWM rather than high which would help to explain what is going on. So in summary it all works however I now need to adjust my table as the pump was getting slower as rpm and temperature rose...
  7. rkde

    RKDE project

    Some pump information; I have had some time to sit and play with the pump properly and managed to get the vipec controlling correctly based on rpm and temperature to give good control. The water pump is a CWA200 from a BMW 118 and has the following specification; * Pump duty point Q=7000 l/h / H=0,45 bar * Ambient temperature -40°C ... +140°C * Coolant temperature -40°C ... +128°C * Voltage supply min. 10 V max. 18 V * Power consumption P1 200 W * nominal Current 16 A * Quiescent current <100 mA * Min. lifetime lh = > 6000 h * Interface PWM * Enclosure IP 67 If you wish to control using the vipec use the GP PWM and you will need to setup a control duty cycle too to give a good control. Using the Vipec I have had to add extra wires to the unit to control a relay and have an aux pwm for the water pump The PWM frequency is 45Hz to 1100Hz PWM operation is relatively typical * 1~7% = Uncontrollable default to max speed * 7~13% = 0 speed motor stopped * 13~85% = 13% Minimum speed, 85 is maximum speed linear clime in rpm * 85~99% = maximum speed There is a tolerance of 1% so ideally a minimum speed would be 15% and maximum is fine at 85%, if you wish to stop the pump pick something like 10% to be far enough away from uncontrollable and minimum speed. If you wish to only run the pump at maximum the you can run at 100% PWM which is technically just 12vDC Running the pump at 100rpm makes filling the coolant system super easy as the header tank becomes a vacuum so as long as you can fill it fast enough you will be fine else it will suck air through once primed. The pump at 100% can just about open the thermostat which is less than ideal however you would not normally be running 100% unless you need to up the cooling and hence the thermostat would be open. (it only just opens as you can hear it fluttering) Data sheets http://s1.teamlearn.de/QuickPlace/b-9716-kfz-hessen/PageLibraryC1256E38004BC12E.nsf/0/60FBF793F78AFE30C12575B3006A277E/$file/SA4%20electrical%20waterpump.pdf http://www.mikrocontroller.net/attachment/118122/CWA200.pdf
  8. rkde

    Rooster By-Pass Valve

    I could do with a spring nige. How much? Sent from my XT1562 using Tapatalk
  9. rkde

    Bonnet vents

    I have gone with the jag vents. Hard part I am working on is making them sit flush as everyone else sits them on top
  10. rkde

    Throttle Body Bore Sizes

    I use a BMW 530i VDO throttle, it is 69mm Stock mini is 57mm which you can open out to 63mm though it is worth noting if you went for a larger throttle it will not fit the original plastic pipe where the mini throttle fits. If its custom though who cares make what you want fit...
  11. rkde

    Airbag ECU

    Just whip it all out, everything will be fine, then if you really want hook up a laptop and remove the module from the FA/VO and the car will never know it was supposed to have an air bag. You could just unplug it and see what works but I can't recall anything not working with it removed
  12. rkde

    Airbag ECU

    no light will come on and as far as i can recall other than the srs system all work. i know your not in the uk, for those that are uk mot requires the light to come on when starting and un plugging turns the light off forever
  13. rkde


    electric water pumps are issues everywhere and are known to fail due to loads, temperatures and just because they are abused. I would like to think this unit is quite robust but time will tell. At £40 I am happy to have a play and see how it goes. I will be adding a couple of extra sensors to keep and eye on the cooling system. I will control it via the Vipec but you could go 100% PWM on pin 2 or 100%PWM is known as dc so just stick 12v on and the pump will run at 80% speed all the time but I want a little more than that
  14. rkde


    so I decided to get one of those BMW piersburg water pumps. Got to say I'm impressed. Very well built. Hooked it up and its going to work well. 1) 12v 2) PWM 3) n/a 4) GND PWM, 20% up to 95% PWM is a linear speed, anything over 95~100% PWM has a default failure speed of 80% speed Lots of control and a lot smaller than I thought it would be too. Just tried a £40 used version to test and trial before getting a new unit but it runs very smooth. Having seen and played with some of the aftermarket pumps out there I am going to say this is heads and shoulders better I would post a picture but the forum does not allow google photo extension? so generic image...