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  1. administrator

    Forum upgrade complete

    Another feature added as I saw some threads had linked to images which had then been removed by the website hosting the image. Now when you post an image, the forum go ahead and host the image on our server so it can never break in the future.
  2. administrator

    Forum moderator suggestions

    Post below suggestions for who you'd like to nominate to be a forum moderator. And yes you can nominate yourself
  3. administrator

    Forum upgrade complete

    The forum has been upgraded significantly and now should be fully working. Things fixed: Email notifications. Spammers can no longer register. Things I had to remove: Garage section. If you have any problems please post in this thread or
  4. administrator

    Requests, ideas & problems

    Hi all, apologies for the slow response. I'm banning all the spam accounts and deleting the posts. I'll then disable registrations for now. The issue is the forum software is outdated, so this coming weekend I'll upgrade the whole forum to the latest version and move it to a new server etc. Then these problems should be solved for good. I'll also make some people admin also then. edit: spam posts and members should be gone now, if any more appear please post in this thread.
  5. administrator

    Site going down (alert posts here)

    This should be done now, any problems please post below.
  6. administrator

    Site going down (alert posts here)

    We are moving web hosting either tonight or tomorrow. So expect some downtime (hopefully less than an hour or so).
  7. administrator

    Guests must now login

    we'll keep it as is for now then
  8. administrator

    Guests must now login

    I'm thinking of possibly opening up the forum again now so that guests (anyone) can read posts, but will still need to register to write. Thoughts?
  9. administrator

    Batje MCCS

    Welcome! sounds good
  10. administrator

    All categories now merged

    Then people will adapt to mentioning in the thread title Splitting them lead to some forums being empty which puts people off posting. (not that i care how busy the site is)
  11. administrator

    All categories now merged

    Just so you know I've just merged the previously split up forum sections (Classic, First and Second Generation MINIs) into a single category http://www.trackmini...eneration-mini/ It didn't make sense to keep them completely seperate.
  12. administrator

    Ebola Blue mini

  13. administrator

    R56 MINI torque wrench settings

  14. administrator


  15. administrator

    Must watch....