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    The batmobile

    Turbo fitted for mocking up
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    Cheque book Racing R53 build

    Great weekend just gone at Brands Hatch. I was nervous heading into the race weekend having not driven the car for 6 months and with it now having more power, different gearing, tyres and much more on a circuit that bites pretty badly. Qualifying was nothing short of carnage. It was very cold, the AFRC were first out and cars were going off everywhere. The car felt undriveable on the brand new unscrubbed tyres and I was struggling to get any temperature in them. I managed 3 laps before it was red flagged due to crashes losing one of those times for exceed track limits meaning I would start 14th for race 1 and 2. Race 1 came around and it was wet, cold and dropping some sleet. Not ideal weather for semi slicks but some pressure changes made for a pretty driveable and predictable car. A great first lap had me move upto 8th until a good few laps getting over confident I mixed ambition and ability up heading into Surtees losing the back end and spinning losing 2 positions and a chunk of time. I managed to catch them and retake the positions finishing in 7th overall and 1st in class. Race 2 could not have been more different: Dry and warm. A poor launch again didn't help, losing a position into paddock hill bend. I then ended up in an awesome battle with a couple of the Class A cars but couldnt make it through. Initially cautious in the corners not knowing the dry braking points, lines, grip levels, I finished very confident in the car and a little gutted we didn't have a 3rd race there. Race 2 result 10th overall, 4th in class. I need to learn to heal and toe as I really struggled getting it from 3rd into 2nd and lost chunks of time with either a box of neutrals or going into 4th rather than 2nd. I ended up using 3rd gear at fldruids instead! Race 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcCIUoHLmH4&feature=youtu.be Race 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhKjX2I73Zw
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    K24 swap into R53

    Logo was designed by my fiance for the last touch. Love it. It was cut out of wood using the cricut printer. Next up will be the turbo process.
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    PLAN "B" - MINI33

    as most people know the day starts early for a single track day but always worth it (we hope). Good weather so started with the Zestinos on and ran a good 49 which about the fastest I’ve been around the island. Then put some old Pirellis on and ran a 48 so happy days interesting part is I think I’m down 20 kmh on the straight fr the green on so we are well gripped up with either tyres. Beat part is I drove it onto the trailer
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    PLAN "B" - MINI33

    With a round of the 2ltre sports sedans at PI beginning of next month, thought we would head there tomorrow for a little test. Havent been back back since putting 34 into the Armco last year and haven’t been there in this one, so good timing. Have he Chinese zestinos on to start so see how they go on a smoother track. Will back to back with some old pirellis and see what happens. Also picked up some second hand wets for potential future requirements. I hate the wet but best to Be prepares. Lol
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    Mini34 (2.0)

    So stupid life and work stuff has been getting in the way and to be honest, I guess I have been overwhelmed by the amount of work a full strip and rebuild takes. Anyhow other half is away for weekend so before we head to the island with 33 I thought I should get stared again on BIGRED finally came up with a hose set up I liked. Could have played a bit more but decide to call it. Filter is now tucked away in the side by the surge tank rather than off the tank saddle. Also installed the first idea for the OEM steering column support. Plan is for a Woodward long term but even the shortest does work in the mini as is. So need to honk about that a little more. Wish i cut some weight saving holes in the brackets but to late now maybe I’ll drill later
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    Curborough was awesome fun, what a great little layout to hoon round. Quite hard to get it all right in one single run as they layout we were running was quite complex. Very easy to over shoot an apex. I fitted some new Carbotech XP10 front pads which were ace however the extra heat has murdered one of my discs. Anyway, enough rambling, you just want pics and videos: Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr A few other MINIS doing the day as well: Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr One mullered disc: Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr Onboard fastest lap run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6eOxJrilVc Outside run shot by a friend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o--lQfLo3qQ Such a great day, killed my ADO8Rs though and the MOT is booked in for Tuesday. Ne tyres ordered and as the car was immobile while I was sourcing some new discs I swapped the wheels over to a set of MG Hairpins I had. This was to keep it rolling while the proper wheels were getting the tyres fitted. I quite like the look! Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr New boots mounted to the SPARCOs and new front discs fitted: Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr Fingers crossed for the MOT. [footnote]Edited by HorneyMX5 on Sunday 14th April 18:32[/footnote]
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    The batmobile

    So Elliot at unit ten has started on the fab work.
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    Gearbox rebuild

    cheers mate! Still makes me laugh when you say tranny !! Will ask ford dealer if thy sell parts for the gearbox.
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    Gearbox rebuild

    Hey Buddy, try looking at the Ford for their SVT Focus mt285 getrag tranny instead of BMW. it will be easier for you since you are in the other side on the pond. I use to source out the syncros from a friend in italy and a few years ago I use to get the parts from a local dealer call Cobra transmissions when I rebuilt a few trannys but he told me that they stopped keeping some bearings and they can't no longer keep the Getrag bearing in stock so some of the bearings had to be sourced from other manufactures.. so check out Ford Dealer for their SVT focus Getrag I found a few bearings and some used syncros on ebay..for example here are some links https://www.ebay.com/i/112785057944?chn=ps https://www.ebay.com/p/2005-2008-Mini-Cooper-S-Getrag-285-Mt285-Focus-SVT-Shift-Selector/12009379293?iid=232519017627 but for me now I do not waste my time rebuilding trannys anymore. it's easier to just get a used low mileage Getrag 6sp for about $500 and call it a day.
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    K20 swap into a R53

    Update, while dyno tuning the driver axles broke. Wanted to thank Peter for suggesting the integra axles to replace it. But since it was decided to turbo it we figured to bite the bullet and get a stronger set made. Will start posting the turbo build soon. Greg and Mike here is the proof the it does run and drives;)
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    Hi, The car has been run in and only managed one dyno pull as we had belt slip the car made 285whp on pump gas . I have a shorter belt now but the dyno is in bits so I will have to wait for more tuning .