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    Bokers MINI

    Finally got a password reset now that the forum has been updated. Sweeeet! So, the engine I fitted, I may... MAY... Have left without oil for too long and ceased it. Silly me. Car is sat at 1320 waiting for a forged block to go in when I deliver one.
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    Update time, been a bit remiss as usual. After Christmas it was time to get my wallet out and splash the cash. First up was a rear 4 point cage from the excellent AMS Fabrication near Goodwood. Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr Really stoked with it and can't recommend Sam enough. He has Jigs for MINI and MX5s so give him a shout if your after some roll over protection. I then went to Autosport and bought some new seats as the Monaco Pro was not at all comfortable fo me and I knew from having them in an MX5 that Sparco Sprints fit me like a glove. Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr Mid fitting snack Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr And in with the belts. Untitled by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr Now the belts I already had from my old supercharged MX5 and so I fitted them. The general consensus seems to be that they look terrible with the blue seats and I'm inclined to agree. Black belts added to the shopping list. Next up is getting a livery applied to it this weekend but as usual it's decided to throw a hissy fit and is firing coolant out of the expansion tank. Bloody thing!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi, The car has been run in and only managed one dyno pull as we had belt slip the car made 285whp on pump gas . I have a shorter belt now but the dyno is in bits so I will have to wait for more tuning .
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    The batmobile

    I have also purchased some r56 trailing arms and some of Karl’s nifty mounts. I suppose if we’re going to do it we might as well do it properly
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    Trackmini project version 2.0

    A few weeks later, myself, Rob and Simon met up. We got the front coil overs off the black mini in simons garage, but failed getting the backs off as how we had it jacked up was sketchy. We they started on fitting the roll cage. Simon made plates while I got the last bit of sound deadening out of the car. Simon then started to weld the plates in, we then put the rear part of the cage in, at this point I was going to head for home but the battery died.
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    The batmobile

    So things have moved on, the engine is now in the car and the new turbo and wastegate have turned up
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    K20 swap into a R53

    Good mod there, saving some dollars!
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    MINI GP1 0636

    The GP is now in at 1320. Should be back in March/April
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    The batmobile

    Long over due update, engine is together, it’s all been balanced, this has now met the gearbox with the new clutch and flywheel
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    Forum upgrade complete

    The forum has been upgraded significantly and now should be fully working. Things fixed: Email notifications. Spammers can no longer register. Things I had to remove: Garage section. If you have any problems please post in this thread or
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    Forum upgrade complete

    Another feature added as I saw some threads had linked to images which had then been removed by the website hosting the image. Now when you post an image, the forum go ahead and host the image on our server so it can never break in the future.
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    Cheque book Racing R53 build

    Had The R56 exhaust fitted. No one ever mentions the fact that it's 300mm too long and has a V band connection not a flange so I had to take it to an exhaust fabricator to make it work. I had expected going from a resonator and 2 silencers on the powerflo exhaust to a straight through R56 with only a resonator and single silencer that it would be loud so I went for the resonated Miltek. Turns out its actually quieter which I like. http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5c2ddeaf6a9d0/VID-20190102-WA0034.mp4http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5c2ddec255c3e/VID-20190102-WA0031.mp4 Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    After a long wait for engineered parts and supplies to come through the engine is built and back in the car.The engine has been run in and is awaiting some tuning ,hopefully all good to go for Thursday. Once tuned using the pro alloy top mount to get some figures from old engine to new I will put on the front mount intercooler that has been made to see what boost and power figures we have and mainly IAT but really the wrong time of year but we will see.
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    Track Day tyres

    Yep I am saying 10:20 but can't remember Winter is coming And it's bringing an lsd and some camber and caster and a gp strutbrace