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    The batmobile

    Well I’ve decided to come out of the company car scheme and bought myself a tow barge for track days, just need to do my trailer test now.
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    Went to the Regal Autosport Cars and Coffee meet on Saturday. A good meet with some nice cars! IMG_1292 by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr IMG_1333 by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr IMG_1335 by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr IMG_1348 by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr IMG_1305 by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr IMG_1332 by Nicholas Horne, on Flickr Rest of my pics here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmBGaLnz
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    2002 Dark Silver Track/Sprint Project

    Thanks. I was in two minds as to whether to do it, I'm really chuffed with how it came out.
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    New member - Mini R53 track car

    Hi Guys New member here. My names Lewis and I've always had myself a passion for minis but never got myself round to buying one. I bought myself a 2002 cooper s last august which needed a clutch and oil leak sorting. Since buying the car I have taken the engine out to change all the gaskets......this kinda got a little out of hand. I have ended up fully rebuilding the engine with new forged pistons and rods, ported and polished BVH, Newman rally cam, 17% pulley and a few other small bits and bobs. I have many plans for the car but they can come in the future. next on the list is to get the car back together, get them god awful gold wheels changed and get myself a bonnet scoop.
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    2002 Dark Silver Track/Sprint Project

    Like i said on instagram. Bif fan of your build!
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    Track/Daily R53, don't tell the missus.

    So a pretty major setback this week that I am not too proud to share. Car was finished, train booked to collect, geometry alignment booked and track day in place for a shake down. However after a few runs on the dyno it turns out that maybe I'm not quite the engine builder I had hoped. The oil squirters had been a royal pain to refit, however I had spent time and rotated the assembly several times ensuring there was clearance before I was happy and closed everything up. Not sure where to go from here. I can't afford the expense of another rebuild let alone the labour included in removing and refitting the engine. Will have to sit on it for a while. If I decide to keep the car and sort then it will probably set me back by at least a year.